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I can FINALLY share....

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I can FINALLY share.... Empty I can FINALLY share....

Post by vickstar on Sun May 01, 2011 11:40 pm

I can FINALLY share with you all what has been causing myself and my family so much stress over the last few months, and what will continue to cause stress for a few more month, at least it finally looks like its all going to be worth it tho!! lol!! Be warned, this is going to be very long, but without the details it won't make much sense!! Smile

So.. it all started in October last year, when a house on 5 acres just out of town came on the market. We were really keen on the property, so made the decision to put our house on the market, to hopefully be able to buy the other. I had 1 week to pack up the majority of our stuff, as we were told to totally de-personalise it. The entire week that i was packing, i had a horrible flu, you know the type that would put a man in bed for at least a week, but i had no choice but to push on! I had to pack, and then scrub the house from ceiling to floor to have it ready for the agent to take photos and hold an open house the following weekend! Luckily we were able to pack all our stuff into Treens shed, saving us a LOT of money on storage!! So we put an offer on the place, and it was accepted, but unfortunately we didn't get any interest in our house, and it fell thru. The house then went under contract to somebody else before we could do anything else about it! Sad

So then we had to make a decision, would we keep our house on the market and hope something else comes up, or take it off??!! I was all for taking it off the market, as there was no way i was going to sell up and have no where to move to with two kids, but we tossed around a few ideas and decided we would keep it on til the agency contract was up in Dec and see what happened.

Our agency agreement was set to expire on Dec 16th, and at that stage the place we were looking at hadn't settled yet, so there was still a slight chance we could get it, so we decided to sign up with another agency as well. With the two agencies signed up, we then started holding open houses just about every weekend, which was very draining on me, having to have it spotless every time, and the kids hated it cos they could barely play with any of their stuff for fear of making a mess when somebody wanted to come thru.

By the start of March, we had had a few people show interest, but they all had houses of their own that they had to sell, and by this time the house we liked had settled, so we then started talking about buying a block of land and building a new house on it if we could sell. Things still weren't looking great finding a buyer for our house tho, so we didn't look too seriously into it. And at this stage we also made the desicion to take our house off the market on March 16th when the agency agreements expired as we were totally over open houses and being pregnant wasn't helping things! Sad

However on the first weekend of March, we held an open house and we had a couple from Adelaide come thru. They spent an hour looking thru the house (the open was only meant to be 30mins), and by the time the left, i was home and actually spoke to them cos it was too hot to stay sitting in the car waiting for them to leave. lol! Three hours later they had put in an offer!! I can FINALLY share.... 564600 The offer was lower than we were asking, but was still within our range so we decided to accept it as there had been no other offers in 6mths!! The property market is barely moving down here, so we were happy to take what ever we could get!! Smile As it turned out, the fella's parents live here, and they were looking for a house to buy and rent out for a few years before they move here, but had actually been down here to look at a different house. They didn't like it, saw our open house sign on the highway and decided to come for a look!! I can FINALLY share.... 564600

So now it was time to seriously look into what we were going to do next! We found some 5 acre blocks in Glencoe (30 kms from Mt G) and started looking at house plans and talking to builders. We settled on a plan we liked and got it costed and were all set to move on it, when we saw a property advertised in the paper with 75acres and a 3 bedroom house that looked ok. I did the maths and worked out we were actually going to be paying more to build on 5acres then to buy the farm, so we decided to have a look at it. Expressions of interest had to be in by March 25th, so we got in to look at it on the 24th (my b'day)!! It looked ok, however it was in no way presented for sale!! There was crap everywhere, although we could see enough to know it had pretential and was way better value then building!! The place had actually been on the market for 2yrs, but the owner had dropped the price almost $100,000!!

Friday 25th March, Matt went out early to pick up my b'day pressie, SUE!! OMG!! Then Friday arvo we put an offer in for the farm. Friday night we are at the pub for tea and we get a phone call from the agent saying our offer has been accepted, but we aren't to say anything until the owner is home from holidays on Wednesday! OMG!! Late Friday night Shaz arrives (i knew she was coming) and ANTHEA climbs out of her car!! OMG!! Sat we go to Charm's for a scrap arvo, come home to get ready to go out for tea and everybody jumps out of my shed, SURPRISE!! OMG i don't think i can take anymore surprises for the weekend!! Remember i am preggas people, we don't want to be delivering a baby yet!! And the worst part, i really could not tell anybody why i had not clicked that Matt had organised a party. My mind was completely elsewhere!! I can FINALLY share.... 498458

At this stage, things are looking really good!! The finance for the people buying our house had to be sorted by March 29th and settlement April 29th. And settlement for the farm, May 6th!! March 29th comes and goes with NOTHING!! WT??!! Up til this stage, Matt had been dealing with the agents, but now it was my time to get involved as Matt is too nice sometimes, lol!! So we are assured that there finance is all in order but because they are buying our house as an investment, property evaluations needed to be done on both properties. No worries, get somebody out here this week and get this done!! lol!! So ours was done, but then something happened in Ad and theirs kept being put off!! In the end, i totally cracked it at the agents, who in turn cracked it at their broker. It had the desired affect, and their evaluation was finally done the Wed before easter!! Only what, 3 weeks too late!! Grrr!! So then with the 5 day public holiday, settlement date was looming with NO finance approval!! We were assured verbally that the finance was approved, but had to wait for the paperwork for it to go thru the conveyancers! So settlement date was last Friday and the paperwork was still not thru!! Grrr!! So our agent rang the broker again and totally cracked it, cos i was ringing him everyday, lol, and finally at 2.30 yesterday (yep saturday), the papers were faxed thru from the bank, so today this FINALLY appeared on my front fence...

I can FINALLY share.... Shelto11

Now we just have to hope the settlement paperwork can be pushed thru quickly to get it all done before this coming friday when we are meant to settle on the farm!! I have my fingers and toes crossed!! In the mean time, i have started packing, although we will be renting here for a month, while we do some painting and recarpeting and stuff at the new place. Here is the link to the new place if you want to check it out: You can see all the crap she has there, and also why we will be painting, lol!! This appearred on the farm a few weeks back too..

I can FINALLY share.... Farm_s12

So there you have it, i am FINALLY able to share my secret with you all!! Smile And you will all now understand why i have been a little quiet over the past few months, and why i will be even quieter over the next few!! We will be so busy, i really don't know where to start!! lol!! I have started packing up my scrap stuff, cos thats about all i have left to pack, lol, but its hard to know what to leave out, and how much time i will actually have to scrap! I will also have to get my net disconnected and reconnected when we are ready to move too, so i don't know how long i will be off air with that, but i will be able to log on occassionally from my phone! Smile

I hope this all makes sense, i realy wanted to get it all up for you all, but am too tired to read back thru and check it all!! lol!!

Cheers, Vicki
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I can FINALLY share.... Empty Re: I can FINALLY share....

Post by kirsty on Mon May 02, 2011 11:07 am

That is toatally awesome. We move to 5 acres last year and it's amazing. I see what you mean about the stuff everywhere. Theres enough furniture in that house for 2 families. Hope everything else goes smoothly for you. Would offer to help but it's a long drive......... Smile

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I can FINALLY share.... Empty Re: I can FINALLY share....

Post by jjw on Mon May 02, 2011 12:03 pm

AWESOME!!!! Thats fantastic. The new place looks amazing. Take care of yourself while doing the moving.

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I can FINALLY share.... Empty Re: I can FINALLY share....

Post by downunderdame on Mon May 02, 2011 12:15 pm

Fantastic Vicki, looks like a perfect spot. Smile

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I can FINALLY share.... Empty Re: I can FINALLY share....

Post by Soupie on Tue May 03, 2011 12:40 pm

YAY!!! :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:
I can't tell you all how excited I was to see that 'SOLD' sign too, as I have been riding the highs & lows of this journey right along with Vicki & Matt. I was lucky enough to go out and see the new property first hand while I was there and WOW! what a spot it is! (Vicki & I immediately started sizing up a potential scrap space for her...LOL) I am so pleased that at last all the pieces FINALLY seem to be falling in place for you guys Vick - CONGRATS!!!
Love Heart

Cheers, Sue

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I can FINALLY share.... Empty Re: I can FINALLY share....

Post by PaulaP on Tue May 03, 2011 7:00 pm

Woohoo...exciting stuff! Very Happy Best wishes for a very smoooooth transition & NO MORE stress, LOL well no more than usual for moving a whole household with kids Wink Congrats to you & the family Vick...the place looks brilliant, love the views.

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I can FINALLY share.... Empty Re: I can FINALLY share....

Post by jodster on Tue May 03, 2011 9:28 pm

Wow!!!! Fantastic news Vicki so pleased for you everything has turned out as it has for you. Your are going to be super busy now thats for sure!! I wish you all the best on your packing and moving. At least it will all be done before little bubs arrives Smile

I can certainly relate to the bad housing market here at the moment though as we have been going through the same, had our house up for sale for 10months now Sad Its just an investment property and we are lucky that we have been renting it out to the government for the last 10yrs so its been a great investment but would be sooooo good to sell it as we would like to add on to our house to fit in our brood of

All the best on your move once again and your new house looks FANTASTIC!!

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I can FINALLY share.... Empty Re: I can FINALLY share....

Post by princessbeccie on Wed May 04, 2011 4:26 pm

naaaaaw! how exciting!! verthing is working out for u!!! naaawww!!! xoxoxoxoxox

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I can FINALLY share.... Empty Re: I can FINALLY share....

Post by Sponsored content

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