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Funny graphics on Halloween 2009

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Funny graphics on Halloween 2009 Empty Funny graphics on Halloween 2009

Post by collage123 Thu Oct 29, 2009 6:27 pm

There are abundant funny graphics on Halloween, such as homemade costume graphics, pumpkin graphics, outdoor Halloween Decoration graphics, Halloween Parade graphics, etc. You can take out the camera and capture the wonderful Halloween scenes.

The countdown is on and Halloween 2009 will fall on the best of days, Saturday. Unpack your Halloween decorations and decorate your home or make a costume selection for Halloween costume parties, costume contests, masquerade balls, themed nightclubs, even Trick or Treat.
If you still have no idea for Halloween 2009, you can get some inspiration from the graphics as follows. Hope you enjoy the fun on Halloween!

Part 1: Fancy Costume & Cross-dresser
Part 2: Pumpkin Crafts
Part 3: Outdoor Halloween Decorations
Part 4: Halloween Frolic Parade
Part 5: DIY your Halloween Graphics

1. Fancy costume & Cross-dresser

Halloween gives people who are normally restrained a chance to let loose a little, to get spooky, wild, wicked, or even naughty without judgment. This is the one day a year where almost anything goes so exercise your chance to live out a fantasy, to be as sexy, spooky or silly graphics as you want to be.

Funny graphics on Halloween 2009 4036526286_87f3b66eb3_m

2. Pumpkin Crafts

The another feature about Halloween graphics are pumpkin crafts. Make your very own pumpkin decorations this Halloween with these bewitching pumpkin crafts.

* Pumpkin Block Heads
-Kids will enjoy painting wacky pumpkin faces for Halloween on these wood odds and ends
* Milk Container Pumpkin
-Light up your walkway for trick or treaters this Halloween with this craft!
* Paper Plate Jack-O'-Lantern
This cute pumpkin is really easy to make and is a great decoration for your door or window. Make several with different faces and hang all over the entrance to greet trick or treaters!

3. Outdoor Halloween Decorations
Except costumes,you can also decorate your surroundings to amuse on halloween! You can go all out decorating your home, car, office space, dorm room, just about anywhere that you spend any amount of time. You can find Halloween themed wall clocks, door knockers, door bells, candle holders, table displays. The list is endless!
So, here you'll find a few ideas to help get you started on decorating for Halloween. Some things here are store bought and some are crafts that you can make at home. Setting the mood for Halloween has never been so fun!

Funny graphics on Halloween 2009 4035778825_983efe21a2_m

4. Halloween Frolic Parade
The Halloween Frolic Parade is the OLDEST CONTINUOUS PARADE in the NATION. It was was started in 1914 by Mrs. John Krebs, who wanted something for the children to do on Halloween so they wouldn't tear up the various flower beds around town. She invited all the children to her house for a party and a parade.
The parade is held on the 31st unless it falls on a Sunday, then it is held on Saturday.The Grand Evening Parade starts at 7:15 PM with the introduction of the dignitaries and other honored guests. There is no parade entry fee and everyone is welcome to participate.

5. DIY your Halloween graphics with scrapbooking maker

Through the Lay-out of scrapbooking maker, you can mix many photos taken by your camera into together and make a Halloween scrapbooking, such as the illustration of part 1, part 3, part 4.
Or,you can create graphic collage through Halloween templates. With built-in photo frames, cliparts, stamps, wordart and special effects, you can create the fabulous graphic collages easily and quickly. Here is an example about making a collage with Halloween template.
View more templates from photo collage templates;

Funny graphics on Halloween 2009 4051624857_c7a7ed0536_m

Easily make a collage with templates just as 1-2-3:
1. Choose from 300+ collage templates for family, baby, love, holiday and other special occasions.
2. Simply drag & drop your photos into the collage template. Personalize it with titles and embellishments.
3. Save as image, wallpaper or just print out.
You can download the free version of Photo Collage Studio and free templates are embedded in. Capture the Halloween moment or the eerie "feeling" and turn the special night of fantasy into permanent graphic memories!

1.If you wanna make a collage with templates, here is an article abou How to make a digital photo collage ;
2.If you wanna create scrapbooking from Lay-out, you can read the tutorial about how to make photo collage from a blank page.


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