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12 Weeks to Better Photos - Week Six Challenge

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12 Weeks to Better Photos  - Week Six Challenge Empty 12 Weeks to Better Photos - Week Six Challenge

Post by Soupie on Tue Mar 23, 2010 12:51 am

12 Weeks to Better Photos - Week Six Challenge: Using Windows as a Light Source

So here’s the question we want to focus on this week:

How can I take advantage of natural light indoors?
We want you to take advantage of your windows this week!

To consider: You can use any type of camera this week, but please try to take these photos without a flash!!!

Choose one or all of the following options for taking your photos:

1. Position your subject in direct light and then reposition your subject in indirect, or filtered, light.

2. Capture catchlights - have your subject face the window while you're sitting or standing with your back to the window.

3. Position your subject so that he/she/it is parallel to the window, while you are perpendicular to the window.

4. For those with SLRs or digiSLRs: If you can adjust the exposure meter on your camera, try metering on the background light vs. metering on your subject and setting the exposure for your subject. Also note that you could use a wall in the room or the floor to set your exposure meter.

If you complete this week's challenge, we would love for you to share your pictures with us, so please post them up here in this thread for everyone to see!
Happy snapping!!! 12 Weeks to Better Photos  - Week Six Challenge Icon_biggrin

Cheers, Sue

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